The Society was registered under Societies Registration act during the year 1982 with Societies Act No. ACT XXI of 1860 with the aims and objectives to serve the cause of women and children’s Education and Welfare. To start and administer a college called “DUVVURU RAMANAMMA WOMEN’S COLLEGE”. The society was framed with No profit motive and No commercial activity is involved. The society is being renewed from time to time.


Late Duvvuru Narayana Reddy

Late Duvvuru Ramanamma

Founder President

Late A.Syamasunder Reddy

Former Treasurers

Sri. A. Adi Sesha Reddy

Sri. G.D.Reddy

Sri Maramreddy Sivakumar Reddy

Sri. P.Janakirami Reddy

The four pillars of our College

Sri. A. Ravi Kumar Reddy

Smt. Dr.K.Mehermani
Vice - President

Secretary & Correspondent

Sri Y. Vidya Sagar

The Management constantly thinks of the development of the college and this motivates them to look for fresher avenues and newer modes through which they can render the service of imparting quality education to the students. They literally take pride in this institution as they nursed it from its birth. It is their encouragement and dedication that infused strength in the Principal and the staff which is responsible for the rapid growth of the college.