Research center of our college was established on 30-06-2016 with an area of 2185 Sq.Ft., and having sophisticated machinery and equipment which is useful to enhance research work in all subjects. The Purpose of our research centre is to engage in research, study or other academic focus in specific areas and to encourage research collaborations among disciplines and between departments of different universities and institutions. Our research centre is also design with special features of unique qualities to train the scholars and students to get better job opportunities in future and it can serve as a valuable information source for the community as well.

Note: Any Scholar or research supervisor of a university and institution can utilize the Research centre according to the terms & Conditions

  • Have some degree of permanence, transcending collaboration on a particular limited

  • Bring together scholars from different disciplines and / or areas of specialization with in particular disciplines of universities and institutions.

  • Maintain high level of research productivity.

  • To give training of future researchers, especially in regard to research skills through workshops and seminars.

  • Attract post doctoral fellows, visiting professors and other scholarships.

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Dr.V.Bharatha Lakshmi, Principal, D.R.W.College,Gudur


Dr.M.Bhavani , H.O.D, Dept of Zoology
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