• Our Motto

  • "Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam" – 'Yoga is Skillfulness in Action '

  • Vision

  • Education plays a vital role in moulding a citizen. The need of the hour is to uplift the society through lofty ideals and strong foundation in academics which is imparted only through education. The overall development of the youth of today lies in the hands of educational institutions with dedicated ideals in mind and action. The goal of our Institute is to produce leaders and professionals to the global industry with emphasis on the development of skills which inculcates human and moral values as part of the curricula. Professional education has been undergoing enormous transformation today. Three is absolute necessity to produce management professionals who could fit into changing business scenarios. Hence our institution is focusing on contributing qualified professionals to the industry.

  • Mission

  • Department of Management studies strongly believe in the DRW Model
    • Learning through Dragoon
    • Learning through Riposte
    • Learning through Wisdom

Members E-mail ID
Ms.A.V.Subhashini M.B.A. H.O.D. Subhak77@yahoo.com
A.Hanumantha Rao M.B.A., Lecturer Eswar_akula@ymail.com
S.Rajeswari M.B.A., Lecturer Rajeswari4658@gmail.com
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Dr.S.Durga Rao
Dept.of Management Studies
Chairman profsor@yahoo.co.in


Dr.M.Srinivasulu Reddy
Dept.of Management Studies
University Nominee profmsr@gmail.com


Dept.of Management Studies
V.S. University
Member vijethavsu@gmail.com


Dr.C.B.V.Krishna Prasad
Dept.of Management Studies
Emerald’s Advanced Institute of Management
  • The Campus

  • Department of Management Students is well designed, to modern environment for learning class rooms, well illuminated, with appropriate ventilation and having modern facilities such as LDC Projectors. As an organization, it remains dynamic and never becomes rigid, since it has to constantly engage with a fluid environment. The entire learning process is focused on inculcating in participants, the sensitivity to the real world issues and an ability to become leaders in their chosen fields.

  • Computer Lab

  • Department of Management Studies provides state – of art computer systems with advance technologies to maintain itself in pace with the fast changing needs of the IT industry. According to the varied requirements of the students the institute provides facilities in computer lab.

  • Specializations in M.B.A Course

  • • Hyman Resource

    • Finance

    • Marketing

  • Students Development Activities of the Department

  • • Major projects
    • Industrial visits
    • Guest Lecturers
    • Management Events
    • Case Analysis
    • Soft Skills
    • Seminars

The Department always trying to set linkage with Industries for practical trying of the students. Industrial professionals are invited to share their experience with the students.