The Library occupies a place of pride in D.R.W. and is essential component of the institution. The objectives of a library is to function as a temple of learning for all the students, staff and users of institute, to act as a repository of knowledge in acquiring storing and distribution of information, to update knowledge in various fields of study and disseminate the same to the readers.

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B.Sc., M.A.,M.L.I.Sc.,D.A.S.T.,Ph.D.
Lecturer in Library Science


Smt. A. SATYALAKSHMI M.A.,M.L.I.Sc. Library Assistant


S.RamaKrishna Reprography & Book Binding Incharge


Ch.NagaLakshmi M.B.A. ID Cards Inchage


G.Sumalatha B.Com(Computers) Data Entry Operator


Sk.Ashraf Intermediate Supportive Staff

The college library has two advisory committees

1. Internal library advisory committee: The principal, the librarian, the two senior faculty members, two student president members from UG &PG courses forms the library advisory committee for every year. The committee discusses and finalizes the infrastructural and academic requirements of the library. The committee allocates the funds to various departments from the autonomous, UGC and special fee fund. Learning needs are provided to the readers as per their requirements.

2. External library advisory committee: The college management has started external library advisory committee with two university members from this year. The two members are Prof.K.Padmini, dept. of Library and information science, S.V.University, Tirupati and Dr.K.Usha Rani, Asst. Professor, Sri Venkateswara Vetenary University,Tirupati.

The two general libraries (Library I and Library II) and the departmental libraries are the integral component of this institution where the students have direct open access to the books, periodicals and journals relevant to their academic disciplines.

  • Library automation is provided through TLSS (Total Library Software Solutions) Library software package from Total IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Digital Library is available with internet facility, E-Learning material, CDs and DVD’s

  • Reprographic facility is available with computer Xerox machine which facilities the students to take Xerox copies of reference material

  • Career and Employment information is displayed on the notice board.

  • Separate career guidance books and all types of job oriented books, especially all types of bank job books, all APPSC Group examination books and other all competitive examination books.

  • Daily news papers, weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines of all different types are available

  • INFLIBNET-NLIST e-books, e-journals and open access journals and open access e-books are accessible at digital library.Career and Employment information is displayed on the notice board.

  • Open access system is followed in the Library.

  • Library is kept open on all working days from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

  • Every reader to enter her name in the gate registers at the entrance of the Library

  • Each student (U.G. and P.G.) is eligible to borrow minimum two books and maximum five books from the library.

  • The loan period is 15 days from the date of the issue.

  • An overdue charge of one rupee per day (working day) per book will be collected if book/ books is/are returned /renewed after due date.

  • Renewals are allowed on the basis of demand. Book and person should be present for each renewal.

  • Librarian may recall any book issued outside the library at any time and the books so recalled shall immediately be returned to the library.

  • Member should verify and report, if any defect is found in the book at the time of borrowing.

  • If any defect is found at the time of return, the member is required to replace the book.

  • Member will be held responsible for all the defects which she does not point out at the time of borrowing.

  • Absence from college will not be allowed as an excuse for the delay in the return of books.

  • Students are requested to leave their belongings such as hand bags, umbrellas, files, text books, printed materials etc. at the Property counter of the Library.

  • No reference book will be issued outside the library.

  • Marking, underlining etc. is forbidden.

  • In case of books lost, the borrower is requested to replace the book either by a new copy or pay the price of the book Cost if any.

  • Silence should be strictly observed in the library.

  • No transfer certificate or conduct certificate will be issued to a student until all the books are returned.

  • Dictionaries and books which might be difficult to replace and such other books as may be declared reference books shall not be lent out.

  • Students can also borrow books their pertaining subjects from their departmental libraries.

  • Circulation Service (Book Lending)

  • News paper clipping service

  • Bibliographic compilation

  • Information display and notification service

  • Photocopying

  • Rephotography

  • Lamination

  • Scanning

  • Book Binding, Spiral Binding

  • ID Card preparation

  • User Orientation/Information Literacy

  • Internet / On-line browsing

  • On-line reference service

  • INFLIBNET-NLIST Annual Membership

  • Utilization of Open access resources.

  • Utilization of various useful CD / DVD’sBibliographic compilation

  • Access and utilization of Open Access Resources like e-books, e-journals, e-thesis, e-dictionaries and e-encyclopedias.Information display and notification service

  • Open Access e-books, e-journals, e-dictionaries, e-encyclopedias and e-thesis linked through College website. All the staff and students of our college can access these resources.

  • Books : 43,500

  • Titles : 20,887

  • Thesis : 24

  • CD/DVD’s: 420

  • Text books : 24262

  • Reference books : 17206

  • Encyclopedia : 32 volumes

  • Competitive examination books : 2000

  • MCA & MBA Project reports : 250

  • e-books : 31,35,000 (Inflibnet nlist)

  • e-journals :6000+ (Inflibnet nlist)

  • open access resources: Available at college website 23 websites

    • e-dictionaries
    • e-journals
    • e-books
    • e-thesis

  • Open access e-resources:

    • e-books - 19 web sites
    • e-journals - 23 web sites
    • e-theses : 6 websites
    • e – newspapers : 7 types
    • Shodh Ganga from INFLIBNET

  • Sri Rama Krishna Prabha Telugu- Monthly

  • The week

  • Competition Success Review

  • Mathematics for today

  • Physics for you

  • Chemistry today

  • Biology today

  • Tell me Why

  • Wisdom

  • Careers 360

  • G.K.

  • Yoga Today (T.M)

  • Ayurvedam Today (T.M)

  • The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship development

  • The Management Accountant

  • Indian Journal of Entrepreneurship

  • Indian journal of business research and economics

  • Indian journal of wastewater treatment and green chemistry

  • International journal of wireless communications and networking (IJWCN)

  • International Journal of computer science & Information Technology

  • International Journal of Electronics and Computers

  • International Journal of innovations in electrical power system

  • International Journal of innovative research in science and technology

  • International Journal of Physics

  • New advances in Physics (An International Journal)

  • Oriental Journal of Physics

  • International Journal of Applied mathematics and Physics

  • International Journal of Computer science and mathematics

  • International Journal of Polymers and Technologies

  • International Journal of Pure and applied Chemistry

  • International Journal of Wastewater Treatment and Green chemistry

  • International Journal f Environmental Science and Eco technology

  • International Journal of Knowledge management and E-learning

  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Research